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Garden Room at Chez Jacques
Linda Freund
Decorative Painter
Scenic Artist


Please take a look around and note the many examples of distinctive styles that can be produced to enhance the beauty of your home or office. Services are rendered with creativity, reliablity and in a timely manner with professionalism and care.
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Color Consultations Create a color plan that builds a                                               pleasing flow to your enviroment
Trompe I'oeil (pron. trump loy - meaning "to fool the eye")                                         enhance or add architectural elements
Faux Finishes marble, stone, wood, and other natural                                                 looking finishes


Set Design and Painting 
& More!
Pictured is the Brumder Manison Bed & Breakfast (Milwaukee, WI). The original ceiling was flat in appearance. By using a trompe l'oeil technique, it now has the regal appearance of a vaulted ceiling. By marblizing the woodwork and applying a faux finish to the walls, the room was restored to its original grandeur.
prehistoric cave inspired room. The room has no windows so I used yellow undertones to keep the room bright
For the movie "No God No Master" a wall was constructed to conceal a wheelchair lift. I painted it to look like the surrounding brick walls.
Set design and painting for In Tandem Theatre's production of "Scrooge in Rouge".
Sign painted for movie "Public Enemies"
Concived, built and paraded 20' puppet that turnes inside out for the 2011 "All City Peoples Parade"
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