Garden Room at Chez Jacques
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Linda Freund
Artist / Designer / Painter
Linda Freund
faux painted ceiling, woodwork and walls
detail of coral reef  room
painted ceiling, walls and headboard
flowing lines creates a serene water theme
bathroom cabinet painted to look like zebra wood
detail of mural
The painted ceiling adds height and grandeur to this small entyway. The painted door is reflected in the mirrored closet doors.
The client desired something to fill the corner of this room that she "wouldn't have to dust"!
click on image to enlarge
Painted medallion to match light fixture.
the fireplace surround is painted to match the furniture and the colors used on the wall help to focus on the painting
a painted trellis on flat dining room ceiling
under the sea in a bathroom
parting clouds in a tray ceiling
plants & pottery reproduced on light green walls with light blue ceiling for a luminus greenhouse
  • Color Consultation 

  • Placing & hanging wall decor

  • Arrange furnishings fora better flow

  • Interior painting 

  • Update brick color

  • Decorative painting

  • Murals

  • Add design elements 
 ...from simple to ornate

  • Color Consultations - Create a color plan that builds a pleasing flow to your home. Together we'll discover the colors that reflect your personality and dwelling. 

  • Trompe l'oeil (pron. trump loy - meaning "to fool the eye") - enhance or add missing architectural elements add marble, stone, wood and other natural looking finishes

  • Murals 

  • Faux Finishes - marble, stone, wood and other natural looking finishes or glazing, mottling, spattering 

  • Interior Painting - a mediation of cutting in edges and rolling on a fresh coat of paint